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Benson's Animal Park

Crossposted to newengland_ue (but it isn't showing up there yet)
You can put this on your U.X.F. website if you want - since it's youtube so it's already publicly available, there isn't much I could do about it anyway if you wanted to embed my video.

Today we went to Benson's Animal Park aka Benson's Animal Farm a.k.a. New England Playland. Any of you who grew up in southern nh or massachusetts may remember this zoo/amusement park near Nashua NH. The place is quite overgrown, but it is not off-limits to visitors and there are still some artifacts to see. Normally I wouldn't post video with identifying characteristics, but there are no "No Trespassing" signs, guards, or anything. I think it's in the process of becoming a public park but is stuck in the middle of legal stuff because of the asbestos. This was the first time I've explored an abandoned place that I had also been familiar with when it was open. It was quite disorienting, nothing really looked familiar after it's all overgrown.

The coolest parts were:
* seeing a huge gray heron in one of the ponds
* thinking we found the old train tracks that ran around the zoo for the kiddies.
* the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe
* the gorilla or tiger cages (not sure which it was)

I made a little film about our trip. In it, I do a lot of silly musing. Perhaps we all do but most of you only post pictures.

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